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Life's managed, not cured. Strength's a decision, not a secret

the great white blizzard
Mother nature wants to send out this manically fluctuating winter with an uproarious bang. This is how winter REALLY transpired on the regular as long ago as up to 20 years previous. We need to consider ourselves blessed and thank our lucky stars that poor old tired and beaten down mother nature can still provide chilling blasts of this variety. Remember that what may seem to the momentary frame of mind as backbreaking labour (i.e. shoveling yourself out) is actually a gift from the climate to remind you that variance of this capacity is STILL very much capable of going down. Take a moment to recognize the sacred beauty of the offering of millions and millions of beautiful diamonds on the front lawn before you so easily dissolve into the pit of gripes and grumbles.

metamorphosis through the passage of time!
One thing I can say about myself that has affirmatively changed for the better is that I don't feel compelled anymore to say awful things about celebrities who are total and complete strangers. I want to make amends for being a cultural cyberbully towards the famous. I want to occupy a higher vibration of energy and a higher frequency of life force than that. I want to play nice in the sandbox because I want people to play nice with me in the sand box too. You truly get what you give in this world and I can't afford to give or get ridicule and judgement. I love the eccentricities of the idiosyncratic world to date. KEEP 'EM COMIN'!!!!

Dear live journal lovers, please ask me for my new phone number if you are still lacking my NEW digits, I have a new phone and a brand new numeric code for connectivity! GET AT ME DOG!

le sigh
You should know that various entries of this journal have been targeted by an assortment of random bot comment spammers. If you see an unfamiliar user with some random link in my comment box DON'T OPEN IT, it could be a virus, could be adware/spyware, could be crazies speaking in tongues for all I know.

Remain investigative
remain examinational
don't quell the fire
bide the time

fem solidarity!
I was quite taken with an article I saw splashed across the front page of The Globe and Mail on Friday. Alice Moran, a Torontonian and a Comedian,  has received a great deal of attention speaking out against the Language used by Krista Ford, Toronto Mayor Tom Ford's niece, on her twitter page. It seems Ms. Ford was telling ladies on Twitter to " Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don’t dress like a whore." This was in response to the recent string of sexual assaults that have plagued Toronto very recently. I was reminded of when I had discovered that Constable Michael Sanguinetti told York University students to "avoid dressing like sluts" as his idea of a helpful preventative measure in avoiding sexual assault, which got mentioned in the article as well. As a survivor of childhood peer on peer sexual bullying, a survivor of molestation, a survivor of date rape, and just an over all survivor of a ridiculously hetronormative world with delusions of being male dominant, I'd like to state that it is my firm belief that it is never the victims fault in sexual assault. I have a strong distaste for the words "slut" and "whore", I've always felt a certain unspoken affinity with the world wide Slut Walk movement, and I deeply despise the anti-feminism movement that would seem to be gaining some form of momentum in recent years. We have to remember to nurture our sisters and foster their spirits. Our sisters are strong and beautiful.  Our sisters express themselves in certain manners of dress and undress and this is a many splendored thing. Our sisters deserve to be safe, strong and powerful. Our sisters may choose to reduce them selves to objectification or comodification or exploitation, our sisters are free to choose as they please, it is not up to us -as their brothers- to make those choices for them. If my sister digs herself to be feeling the need to rock pasties, garter belt, 7' inch stiletto heels and thigh-high fishnets, than I'm going to commend her on her bravery and reinforce her decision with encouragement and feedback. Our sisters should know that we'd love them just as much if all they ever wore were messy buns, cardigans, full length khaki skirts and Mary Jane flats anyway. Over all remember: BE GOOD TO YOUR SISTERS; they are remarkable and affluent in ways that are beyond your fathoming and they are truly mistresses of the universe.  

p.s. the words "bimbo" and "hussy" are are also pretty awful and gross in my opinion. 

simon says touch your INNARD
I can't seem to bring myself to transgress these creative snares and expressive dry spells that are smothering me. There is an impenitent clot of artistic malaise in the even flowing of my juices. I fear I am floundering in the prime of the peak of my potential.

Yet I remain steadfast.

I won't bleed the marrow from my bones
I won't succumb to the perilous drones
monotony isn't making me weak
be not discouraged to speak

the ruling class will undoubtedly construct a prison for you
ultimately you decide if you want to live in it or not

the pervading culture will certainly attempt to manufacture your consent
ultimately you decide if you want offer it up or not

the powers that be will in fact convince you that you have absolved your agency
ultimately you decide if they have succeeded or not  

the overarching sponsoring thought belongs to you
as long as there is a beat in your heart and a breath in your lung this will continue to be the case

don't lose solidarity with yourself


sharp as a tack
bright as a bulb
as they said in the right guard commercials
anything less would be uncivilized   

I can't stress enough why the occupy movement is necessary. You realize the NYPD burnt literally over 5,000 books from the Occupy Wall Street Library in Zuccotti Park... those were more than anarchic drivvle... those were potentially historic artifacts... they were, you might think, a bunch of useless zines and graphic novels... but those books could have been submitted to the New York Public Library as historical documents as the literature that the movement read... the anthropology and sociology of that library was a whole university class alone... that is literature that could have been disseminated to children...    maybe they could have deciphered it...  made some sense of this third rock from the sun were all spinning around on... just sayin'

disgust or delish?
does this look disgusting or delicious?

I'm not just an Icon on your profile for clicking!
Facebook has degraded and devalued my actual friendships I have forged with people. Folks whom I was pretty certain were solid bonds that I had accumulated over the years seem to be dropping like flies from my friends list. I don't think our friendships with other people in life should be purge-able by button click, that shit's stupid, but that's just me.

If living is so vast and experience is so complicated than why are we regularly in haste to make up over-simplified and false senses of compact digestibility. Presupposing that the answers are generally easy and the solutions are generally clear is a bastardization of the direct observation and participation in being. People gotta be in such a hurry to drop the axe on someone who they have not seen in perhaps a few weeks or months.

I don't get why people can't just enjoy marinading in the mean time and hang happily in the here and now. Why do we feel things must be so rigidly structured and defined?


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